BLP – Brixx Letterpress

About Us

There are two revolutions. On one hand is the resurgence of letterpress printing led by the hand crafted small press movement. The other is the necessity for simple online purchasing led by streamlined e-commerce processes for hassle free real-time ordering.

Brixx was founded on the premise of joining the two. The timeless and current. The classic and the modern. The old school Letterpress print shop and the modern e-com site. Brixx uses this simple approach to give graphic designers a way to order common letterpress printing when the mood strikes, or the deadline looms.

Explore some of the reasons why Brixx is an essential print service for the graphic design industry, and print professionals.

Real-time Online Ordering

Brixx provides real-time print ordering. Print deadline looming? No problem! Select your letterpress product, colors-papers-quantities, make a payment, upload your file and your done. With Brixx you place your order when you want and sit back while the Hiedelberg warms up for the run.

Upfront Pricing

(No more waiting around for quotes!)

You can easily select your print requirements and guarantee the pricing to your clients in real-time. No more waiting for emails back and forth for quotes. The pricing for papers, debossing, and inks are all right there on the product page. Give your clients options, and give yourself room to quote the job according to your design.

Paypal Integrated Purchasing

Pay and Print! No waiting for invoices, writing checks, licking stamps, and snail mailing anything. Order your letterpress when you want, and pay for printing with either Paypal, or your credit card using our streamlined shopping cart.

Customizable Product Selections

Brixx has distilled the essentials of most letterpress projects down to a core set of common items. This includes multiple spot or PMS colors, double sided printing, debossing / inkless impressions, standard sizes for most needs, and elegant paper selections for the eclectic designer. Part of the charm of working with Brixx is the ability to order the most widely accessible letterpress products online anytime hassle free.

But what if I don’t see what I want? If you need customized letterpress printing not currently listed on our site we encourage you to drop us a line about what you’re looking for and we will see what we can do.

Industry Leading Letterpress Printing

Your order is handled by industry leaders with more than 10 years of experience in producing professional letterpress printing.

Brixx has partnered with some of the industries leading letterpress professionals. These are pros who have been letterpressing long before the letterpress revolution began. Our printers run vintage and professional quality presses, while maintaining full facilities to handle a variety of printing needs.

Competitively Priced

Brixx has eliminated the back and forth on quotes, and we guarantee the accuracy of your files delivered to our print partners allowing them to do what they do best, Letterpress printing, we can now go to sleep with our medcline pillow knowing that we did our best! In exchange we get the best prices for our letterpress projects allowing us to sell letterpress on par and in many cases cheaper than what some shops would charge.